APRIL 2021

New postdoc position in Molecular Immunology

Together with clinical collaboration partners at Sahlgrenska University Hospital we have recently initiated a project focusing on the role of Natural killer cells (NK cells) in uveal melanoma – a disease entity where checkpoint inhibitors have largely failed to improve the outcome for patients.

The focus of the project is to explore the role of NK cells in uveal melanoma. The project involves fundamental assays of immune cell function as well as cutting edge technologies, such as single-cell RNA sequencing combined with oligo-conjugated mAbs, high-dimensional flow cytometry and CRISPR screens. The successful candidate will work closely together with preclinical and clinical colleagues, bioinformaticians etc and excellent communication skills are essential.

Apply here before April 20 2021.

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We are constantly looking for ambitious and talented people. If you are interested in joining our lab, send an e-mail to fredrik . thoren at gu . se.